Enjoying our forests

We welcome the public into our forests through outdoor pursuits clubs, however for your safety we require all visitors to be permitted. Production forests carry risk - high winds, fire hazards, logging trucks and machinery operating, to name a few - and we need to know when you are in our forest and that you are safe.

General hazard advice

Forest Roads

  • Terms and conditions for forest entry and road use are provided with your permit.

  • Additional information may be provided on gate or road signs.

  • Do not block entry by parking in front of gates.

Operational Activity

  • Follow advice provided on all warning signs.

  • Never enter an active work site (i.e. harvesting operations) unless this has been pre-approved by a Rayonier Matariki Forests representative.

Poisoning Operations

  • Do not enter any area sign posted as having poison on site.

  • Never touch any pellets or paste/flour on the ground or in plant containers.

Hazardous Trees

  • Watch our for hung up trees and branches, falling objects and uprooted trees.

  • Stay out of the forest on windy days.


  • Take a means of communication in case of emergency i.e. cell phone.

  • Advise family/friends of your plans - give them a location and estimated time of return.

Forest closure

High fire danger, adverse weather and operational requirements do require us to close our forests from time to time. When this occurs all public entry (permitted or otherwise) will be suspended. Your cooperation with these safety measures is appreciated.

General forest access rules and safety

While we want you to enjoy our forests, we also want you to be safe.  Because forests are workplaces, there is an element of risk, for all visitors.  As such we have three arrangements in place for public access.

1. Unless otherwise stated all forest entry requires a permit.

2. In some circumstances entry without permit is allowed. This will be restricted to access on foot for recreational purposes (eg: walking, running, mountain bike). This excludes all hunting.

3. For all enquiries regarding access to our forests, please submit your request via our online contact form.