Who we are

We grow and manage 120,000 hectares of forest, from the top of the North Island to the base of the South.

We are a group of committed and passionate people. We demonstrate high levels of strategic thinking and technological nous, balanced with respect - for our environment, our staff, our contractors, our suppliers, our communities and our shareholders.

We work in a way that is smart, future-focused and genuine, ensuring our employees and business partners feel energised, valued and part of a vibrant and important industry.

We are committed to investing in our people, our technology and our processes – so we can all benefit from and enjoy working in a company that will have a positive impact on our environment, our economy and our standard of living.

Who We Are

For our people, this means we:

  • create an empowered work environment to drive engagement and well being
  • work and play together as a team
  • invest in skills development and career pathways.

For our communities, this means we:

  • actively engage with our neighbor's and wider community
  • care about doing the right thing and build trust through our actions
  • support local community projects.

For our suppliers, this means we:

  • enhance collaboration and build successful, open relationships
  • support their businesses to adapt, develop and grow
  • promote a strong health and safety culture and provide a safe work environment.

For our customers, this means we:

  • listen to understand their needs
  • deliver what we promise
  • are agile and adaptable to achieve mutual goals.

For our shareholders, this means we:

  • invest in innovation to grow productivity
  • make smart business decisions
  • consistently deliver quality results over the long term.

We are continually evolving and growing for a sustainable and positive tomorrow.