Guardians of our environment

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Caring for our environment

We pride ourselves on the role we play in looking after the land, not just for our business, but for future generations.

As guardians of some of New Zealand’s most beautiful plantation forests, our regard for the environment is embedded in every facet of our business to ensure our footprint is light upon the forest floor.

Green Facts Protecting Our Environment
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We are uniquely positioned to offer a sustainably managed plantation resource that is in strong demand around the world.

Environmental protection and sustainability is embedded in our operations and extends to every facet of our business.

Carbon Footprint Certification
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Enjoying our forests

We welcome the public into our forests through outdoor pursuits clubs, however for your safety we require all visitors to complete our online induction and be permitted where required.

Production forests carry risk - high winds, fire hazards, logging trucks and machinery operating, to name a few - and we need to know when you are in our forest and that you are safe.

Forest Access