Helping Protect Kiwi

Helping Protect Kiwi

Omataroa Kiwi Project takes a unique approach to kiwi conservation and we’re proud to be supporting them in their crucial work.

Rayonier Matariki Forests is proud to support Omataroa Kiwi Project which works to protect and nurture the Eastern Brown kiwi and other native birds in Omataroa Forest.

We recognise our responsibility as the forest owner to support the sustained preservation of the Eastern Brown Kiwi and other native birds in this forest for future generations and we are delighted to be part of this wonderful conservation effort.

We work with the Omataroa Kiwi Project to provide intensive trapping and predator control which largely targets stoats and feral cats. Buffer trapping is also being deployed beyond the 11,000 ha reserve.

We have also invested in the day to day running of the Project, providing support to the team.

The Omataroa Rangataiki Trust who owns the land, has invested in environmental restoration over the past 17 years including predator control and kiwi breeding management to ensure a sustainable population for generations to come.

The presence of kiwi and karearea (native falcon) was discovered back in 2000 through a survey.

Initially there were only 12 Eastern Brown kiwi found in or around the block and that population has grown to more than 60 adults living and breeding there today through careful management.

A key part of the Omataroa Kiwi Project is reconnecting the local community with the land through education, employment and developing kaitiaki skills. Their unique approach to kiwi conservation earned them the Kaitiaki Leadership award at the National Green Ribbon Awards in 2016.

Omataroa Kiwi Project’s work is crucial to the continued survival of kiwi in this forest.