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Te Pohue Students In Front Of Machine 1110X400px

Students see forestry in action

Students from Te Pohue School got the opportunity to get a close up view of harvesting operations taking place in a Rayonier Matariki Forest block next door.

The 30 student school was ideally positioned to watch Crew 6 of DG Glenn Logging carry out the challenging operation over a two month period and Crew Forman, Jonothan Blithe, arranged to host Te Pohue School on site before the job finished up.

The students, along with principal, Richard Gillespie, enjoyed a morning on site asking questions and getting in the cabs of some of the latest forest machinery including track skidders, feller bunchers, processors and a skidder.

Rob Scurr, Operations Manager for DG Glenn Logging, said it was a great finish to a complex job and an opportunity for the children to learn more about the forestry industry.

“Some blocks are more challenging than others when it comes to harvesting. We had to work around powerlines, a busy highway and multiple neighbors on the forest boundaries - not to mention a primary school next to the forest gate.

“Many of the children come from forestry families and were not unfamiliar with the industry however most would not have had the opportunity to get up close with the crew and their machines,” said Rob.

A constant volley of questions kept the guys on their toes with answers and the Hawkes Bay Forestry Group hi-viz hats were a hit. No running away from the principal now with a bright orange hat making them easy to spot!